Handle multiple excels in re framework

I have a excel with multiple sheet. I want to process each sheet in an order.If user input is 1 process sheet1,iser input is 2 process sheet 2 , similarly 4 sheets.
For all the rows in a sheet i have to update the status also.
How can I handle this situation.

I tried getting 4 sheets as main transaction and each rows in a sheet as sub transactions.But issues coming in exception handling and retries.

Can someone help me in this.

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May I know what is the exact issue are facing

i am getting one transaction and reading the excel sheet corresponding to it in getTransaction state and each row in the sheet will be a transaction item.
After processing updation is done in excel, then getting another transaction and reading excel sheet corresding to it in getTransaction state and so on.

Problems coming when system exception comes.

Here inviteToWorkspace is the 1st transaction and i have 3 rows in it–0,1,2 coming as transaction item.
in processing transaction item 2 iam getting exception.And its looping and creating infinite transactions

I think since u are considering transactionitem as each row of an excel sheet that is why it may be creating infinite loop

So my suggestion is that your transactionitem should have each sheet name and then in process section u can use read range to and use for each row to loop through each data


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When we are using for each, how do we update the status for each row?
We will not get the advantages of doing it in re framework right?
In this case, framework will not handle the exceptions right?

Any other way to handle multiple excels?Need to set transaction status for each row in excel with re framework