Handle excel validation popup messages

After executing a macro on a worksheet, there is a ‘Validate’ button on the sheet on click of which there are popup’s with ‘OK’ button clicks. What is the best way to deal with popup’s created by excel macros? ANy examples will help.

If you know where the pop up appears you can use On element appear or On image appear to click on the pop up.

The popup’s appear under 2 condition, here is the scenario:

  1. Validation button click , calls the macro
  2. iF validation passes → popup 1 appears-? Click OK on popup1 → popup 2 appears with a area to enter a test e.g. ‘s’ → click ok
  3. iF validation fails → popup 3 appears-? Click OK on popup1 → popup 4 appears → click ok

Can you share a sample to check validations situations like above when pass and fail has different pop-up’s.

if I just take the fail scenario , I can put the call to macro and fail popup checks in parallel and it works.
How can I check that popups are different when vaidation passes vs fails?