Handle Chrome open file popup

I’m designing a process to upload a file into Chrome.
I’m using Studio.
My site open a popop to select and upload the file.
I designed the process setting all the selector but when the process run cannot identify the popup windows and click the button to select the file.
Below the screenshot.

I searched into internet and on the forum but I cannot find a solution working in my case.
Anyone have suggestion or a solution?

@r.pietrangeli It looks like the selector got changed. Make sure your selector has aaname or inner text. If possible share your selector screenshot

  • Also, try using Attach Window, within that keep click activity

thank you for reply.
This is th selctor:

But the issue seems not on the element to be clicked but on the windows where it search the element. When bot run the windows with the button is minimized, and the bot seems looking at the main window.

About Attach Window activity, I do not find since I’m using Modern Design. I can switch to classic, I just would like to understand which one is suggested to be used.
From documentation is seems modern design is better, but is that true?
Thanks for any help.


@r.pietrangeli You can use classic and modern activities within a project. Just follow the below steps to get classic activities

Go to activities panel, click on the filter icon at the top and check classic. So that you can also use classic design activities without disturbing the current code


When coming to your scenario please follow the below approaches

Approach 1: Remove parent id from your selector and see the results, also make the title as wild card after upload. If possible disable fuzzy selector, image

title = 'Upload*'

Approach 2: Try with attach window since you can use classic design activities

Approach 3: Use Activate activity since you are saying that window getting minimized during bot run. This activity helps to get the window foreground

Hi @r.pietrangeli ,

Could you also share the Screenshots Current Workflow that you are working on ?

If you’re using Modern Activities, keep only the Target Selector enabled and disable the other Targets.

This maybe the case due to the Selection of the Certain Properties in the Properties Panel of the Use Browser Activity.

If you could provide us the Screenshots of the Activitie and the Properties used, we may be able to change and get the Activity to Identify the Right Window.

solved using the Attach Browser activity.

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