Handle Captcha


I have a situation, where on login page captcha is there and after i log in and fill the records and process the records there is also captcha, so i have multiple captcha to handl.

Is there any way i can do that??

Hi @indrajit.shah

Please try referring to this post:

There are a lot of suggestions here :slight_smile:

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not helpful, did you did something like that??

use get ocr text in that by setting acuuracy u will get output (Scale and Profile property as per ur need keep changing it once u get prper output)
Not necessary u will always get right text so u can put it in loop.

You can try to use Anchor base activity, use the find element activity in anchor and find “Type in the box below” and in the action use Get Ocr activity using Google ocr engine and check invert option if available. Let me know if it is not right answer.