Pls! Help me, to extract data!
How can I extract hand written data from note.
I have hand written paragraph’s! And i have challenge to extract them and convert into regional view

@krishnamaurya2998 Is it a pdf

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Yes! The data i have in the pdf form.
But it will will be in JPEG form also

@krishnamaurya2998 Then there are two approaches

  • Approach 1 : Better to go with Document Understanding
  • Approach 2: Use read pdf with OCR activity and apply regex to the output string
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Document understanding is good, then.
When we want to extract whole data from note book pdf, so we have need to creat taxonomy or not.

you can use ocr for read handwritten, omni page ocr or tessaract will give you better result , if its image format first use load image activity and pass that output to ocr

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