Guys kindly help on below linq select query for filtering datatable

Iam trying to filter the column based on below output For “.labor” alone it coming and next item it is not coming kindly help guys
.Group Ins Benefits

DisplayColumn is column Name= Diplaying Goup
dtFilterDisplay.Select("[" + DisplayColumn +"] = ‘"+ EachDisplayName.Trim +"’").CopyToDataTable


First create one String array and assign those values to it and then use that link query inside For Each loop to itreate one by one item.

Bro iam using inside for loop only filter datatable also not working so what the prob iam not sure it starring with dot so that may be the prob kindly advise

Hi @Aravinthan
-You have to filter like this"[ColumnName]=‘ValueTobeSelect’").CopyTodatatable()