Gsuite sort by a column

I am using StudioX and gsuites. I have my sheet but I want to sort the table by a specific date column. There is no option for the sort like with excel. has anyone found a way to so this sort option in StudioX? I tried a click option for the dropdown sort column but this does not work, the target and anchor do not grab what is needed.
any solutions found yet?
Thank you.

Hi @catnickelsen

Welcome to UiPath Community. As mentioned by you there is no direct approach that you can follow to sort the range in Google sheets directly. But there is an alternate approach that you can follow.

  1. use Use Google Spreadsheet activity and configure it.
  2. use Download Spreadsheet activity and save the file from google drive to a local path.
  3. use Use Excel File Activity from Excel Package
  4. use Sort Range Activity from Excel Package
  5. use Read Range Activity from Excel Package
  6. use Use Google Spreadsheet Activity
  7. use Write Range activity under G Suites to update the sorted range.

These steps in order would allow you to accomplish your requirement. Hope this works for you. please let me know if you face any issues.


I ended up downloading to a excel and using that then to do the sort I added a column to grab the date column for expiration and made a formula for is it in the next 7 days in excel. I did a write cell with the formula. used the column of true or false to do an if else and create the doc I needed. it works pretty smooth.

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