GSuite call email error

Hi, I have created a test workflow to send emails using the GSuite integration with Gmail, my bot sends 4 emails in sequence, the point is when I run it the first time it works properly. If I try to run it again just after the first completion the bot appears as successfull, but it did not sent the emails. In my test I have run it 5 times, only the first and the last were really sucessfull. It appers there must be a gap between 3 minutes between the sucessfull executions. Check my prints bellow. This appears to be a bug.

My Bot



Hi @William_Blech_Sister

Could you share the version of the GSuite activity package that you are using?

Hi @William_Blech_Sister

Please provide a few details:

  • what version of the package are you using?
  • what is the authentication type used?
  • if you run the workflow from the UiPath Studio for 5 times in a row, do you experience the same problem?
  • btw, the scope activity is better to be outside of the for each activity, you need to connect only once to Gmail and send the multiple emails using that connection.