Grouping the same data together in the output excel file from three different excel files having only name in common and remaining columns different

I have attached the files below along with the dummy input in it. Files named one,two and three are my input files and file named four is the output file I want. now if a name exist in file one 2 times in file 2 1 time and in file three 1 time then in file four I should get all these 4 entries of same name first and then it should go for the second name from file one. Refer the attachment so that my question would be more clear to you all. Only the name is the common element in all the files and the data in the roa of each name may differ so It should get the data of complete row of that name and group together. For example all the entries for name pankaj from all the three files should come one after another together in file four. after that it should take the second name for example it is pranjal then it should take all entries of pranjal from all the three files and paste it into file four. Please help me with a proper solution for this scenerio at the earliest if possible.

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four.xlsx (8.2 KB) one.xlsx (7.9 KB) three.xlsx (7.9 KB) two.xlsx (7.9 KB)

This is the solution that I have made on my problem hope it might be helpful for others facing the same issue.

The .xaml file has been attached below this is the solution.


Main.xaml (27.1 KB)

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