Grouping multiple process name to determine the count

We have recently started using Insights. RPA process that we have deployed are grouped into 2 subprocess - Loader and Performer and in some cases, 3 Loader, Performer 1 and Performer 2. For all these, the Process names are different in orchestrator. Eg1: Process Name would be Process1_Loader , Process1_Performer.
When we are trying to create a dashboard, if we want to show all the unique processes that are live, if I combine using Process Name, it shows each of these subprocess as a separate count.
How do I combine or categorize these or group them together so that Process1_Loader and Process1_Performer is shown as 1 Process and not as 2 Process. Please advise.

Since we report directly on the processes that are in Orchestrator, we don’t currently have a way for you to combine 2 processes as 1 from the insights UI. you can play around with the formulas and use if statements to count only runs from one process, not the other if you’re looking for things like process count. however, it’s risky to combine like that because it is very possible that one part of the process was successful, and one part failed, so you would start having to change the way statuses are considered and process counts are considered, and it would ruin the data integrity. This does however seem like something Orchestrator could consider as a feature request, so I’d suggest posting on the orchestrator forum about it.

Hi Michelle, Thank you for the detailed explanation. I will submit a request for Orchestrator feature. Meanwhile, I would like to request if you could get Insights documentation updated to include few more examples on how to configure the dashboards for the various scenarios like deriving metrics. The current documentation shows only the fields description but not on how it can be done. It would be really great. Thank you.

Hey soumya! all of the formulas actually have documentation/information about how to use them if you just hover over them. Have you seen the formulas tab? click the “fx” button when you create a new widget or field and you can access it from there. Otherwise, you can access it from editing any existing formula.

Hi Michelle, I wasn’t aware of this. Thank you.