Unable to combine Process and Queue Metrics

Anytime I try to combine queue and process metrics in insights the process will drop out and I’ll only have queue information left when processing manual values. What am I missing?

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Hi Tristan,

We have fixed this issue and we are updating the docs as we speak. I can let you know as soon as the docs are updated.

I’m having the same issue still.

Hi Tristan,

Are you using Cloud Insights? If so, the fix will be added today!

Hi Tristan,

The fix has been applied and you should be able to follow the updated docs as of now!

@aj.saltzberg , We are using an onpremise orchestrator, not the cloud version. We have issue combing the Insight metrics and seeing one consolidated view as insights are grouped under the folders. I see there is a sub folder creation and grouping opportunity available with UIPath Cloud orchestrator, please advise the version on on premise orchestrator the said fix is supposed to be integerated.

Hi Sharmili,

Are you using Insights 21.10.3?

I am also having this issue with cloud/insights. When I add process manual values to an existing queues tile it provides zeroes. The same field in a standalone process tile provides meaningful data. Has the issue been corrected or am I missing something?

Hey Michael,

When you say you add process manual values to an existing queues tile, do you mind elaborating on which dimension you are adding to the tile and which explore the tile is currently using?

This issue has been corrected and can be found in the docs here and as a youtube video here

I watched the video and added the filter to exclude null values from Process Manual Values Process Name and still received zero for Process Manual Values Total Manual time in my custom ROI Dashboard.

Process Manual Values Total Manual Time (mins) and Process Manual Values Hourly Cost are only zero in the ROI Dashboard when consolidated with Queue Manual Values Queue Name and Queue Manual Values Hourly Cost but not when ran alone in their own tile.

Hey Michael,

Did you add the exact filter as shown in the attachment?

Also, did you make sure to enter in values in the configure roi dataset for the manual time and hourly cost columns?