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Tried looking for the information i need but can’t seem to find it here. I need to do a group by with 2 different data tables.

DataTable 1


From the above, 1st data table is your daily transactions and 2nd data table is a master spreadsheet. i need to go and check each row and would then need to match column1 from databtable 1 with column 1 of datatable 2. IF there is a match i need to add the values (Column3) and write it back to Datatable1 as one entry. If no match it just moves on to the next row.

Is there any inbuilt functionality for me to do this? or is there a query i can run to get the desired outcome?

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Just search “data table arivu” in the forum , you will get all the query related to data table.
Hope you will find the solution.

Hi @bpgacad

You have two things to do here… Before the group by, first we need to join the two datatables. You can do the joining using datatable function… Refer the link below for the joining…

I will tell you a easy way,…

First Join the two datatables, and get the result into another datatable… Using that table, you can do some grouping… I actually found another similar post on datatable grouping…

Check out the one below…

Hope it helps!!

Let know if it doesn’t work for you… would be glad to help!! :slight_smile:

Hi @bpgacad,

you can use this activity to do the group . There is example also.



Really Amazing –

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Thank you. Your activity Group By Aggregation SUM is awesome but it just leaves to column after sum. The key and the column to be summarised. I also need the other columns that are in the source DT. Any idea or am I using the activity incorrectly?

Hi @HenrikX,

You can use the Native Group Aggregation use the version 2.0.2 .

Thank you