Green Screen Application Test Data

Hi guys,

I’m trying to automate a green screen application with UiPath but I need some test data, or a dummy server where I can get information from.

I have the terminal activities package installed, but I need a host address, port, etc., which I don’t have. I want a green screen simulator environment which I can connect to via UiPath, and try some hotkey, typing activities and see if it works.

Does anybodu know of such a thing?

Thank you.

Hi @bogdanjianu,

One alternative is offered by Nexus Terminal in the form of Windows services test screens. See the second section here:

As far as I can tell it’s free to use.

Another approach would be MUSIC/SP. You would ned the S390 emulator software from here: , the MUSIC/SP system from here: and you should start reading about both of them here:

Either of the two above should be enough to test a bit, they’re not real systems to implement/dev with.

The actual good almighty for mainframe emulation is called Hercules - this is a powerful MVS emulator, but if you don’t know about mainframes much, don’t bother, the learning curve is extreme, there is no learning curve like this one :slight_smile: - plus, you end up with an empty system that you need to buy or install free software packages on and it gets even more difficult on this step.

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