Grabbing with "Find Children" seems doesn't work

Hi there,

I’m a newbie…so pls be patient, thank you :slight_smile:

I started a project to grab data from ecommerce site;
Project is herewith enclosed
Siggi (1.8 MB)

I used a “Find child” activity to grab data about Size (Taglia) and Colors (colore) but it doesn’t work;
I had issue about validation of selector that i fixed;
everything seems fine but in my xlsx file… Ihave nothing!

Where is my mistake?

your find children is not targeting the select element
the filter is not set to the options <webctrl tag='options' />

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Make sure you set it to FIND_DESCENDANTS which is not the default.

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Hi there! Thank so much for your answer @ppr …could you be more specific pls? :slight_smile:

I tried to edit selector which is validate…

I tried it but it doesn’t work … @postwick

What is happening when you run it. Are there no items in Ui_Taglia? The wrong items? Put a breakpoint on the For Each and then Debug your process. When it pauses, look at Ui_Taglia to see if it has data. Also, you have to fill in the Filter to tell it which elements to find. You first designate the selector of the parent container (not a child you want to find). It could be a section of the page, a table, a form, or even the entire page. Then you set the filter - for example, if you want it to find all text boxes you’d make the filter…

<webctrl tag='input' type='text' />

However, have you tried the For Each UI Element activity? It’s the new, modern equivalent of Find Children.

in general you are interrested on the option elements from the select element (the dropdown)

It can happen when indicating the element for taking the selector the element of interest (select) is not catched (your case a span).

This we correct afterwards manually by handcrafting the selector

Find children can define a filter (recommended to do this, example your case above). When the elements to catch are not direct children we set the FIND Scope to FIND_DESCENDANTS

So now next step in your modelling is to correct the selector from the find children activitiy

Thank so much for your answer and patience :slight_smile: @ppr

Ok… I understand tha I have to correct the selector;
I also have set in Properties - Options - Scope of the Find Children the option FIND DESCENDANTS

I think need to do other modification in selector…

I tried to insert e message box here…

Never happened;
It seems that the entire process For Each haven’t been processed…

That means that your Find Children is not configured correctly and is not returning any UI Elements into Ui_Taglia.

Show us your selector. Show us your Filter.

Again, though, I suggest switching to modern and using the For Each UI Element activity. It’s much more user friendly and I bet you’ll get it to work easily.

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Thank so much @postwick for your patience and explanation:

I hope to have understood correctly your request:

here it is properties of “Find Children”

“Here it is selector”

I however used For Each activity as you see:

But maybe I have no understood what you mean… Have I to use instead of Find Children?

…and sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

As mentioned above:

set filter:

Set a correct selector to the select element (maybe hand crafting needed)

Depending on your selector adapt the scope

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Crosschecked for sizes:


we retrieved the sizes:

thank so much for your patience @ppr
Yeah! Done… here it is:

OK… maybe I have understood; As you see in product page, there is a dropdown menu for Size (“Taglia”); I have selected it manually… and result is what you have correctly indicated above (which is marked by you as wrong)

Now…question is:
what is “the correct selector” in product page? How can I set it correctly?



If you want to select a value from the dropdown then you need to use select item activity and not find children


everything is shown in the screenshots

the filter, the selector, the find_scope

manually or handdrafting e.g.

  • click on the drop down: get wrong span element
  • click on open uiexplorer
    hand craft it

However, we would recommend to take a break and get refreshed. Once back check again the entrie communication thread an scan for the early given hints:

  • filter, wrong span-needed select, manually selector rework.

With the screenshots from the cross-check post we have given proof that it is working, waht was recommended

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yes, but it looks like the request is about:

which can be interpreted as dropdown value retrieval, right?

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As per initial it felt the same…but as per his last comment it felt like he wanted to select the value as well.may be i would have mis understood also


Really sorry for my bad english;
my GOAL is to obtain a file xlsx with all data from that site and import it with a plugin in a TEST ecommerce site;
I need to obtain (for every product of course) a column in my excel file where there are all sizes separated by comma for that product:

so for example
38,40,42,44,46,48,50 …and so on

So, the issue is that i’m not able to set properly the selector for the dropdown menu in every product page;

I followed instructions of @ppr and after I had correct maually in UI Explorer the selector I have this

I tried to validate without result; so I Indicate element another time, and I have this:

At this point I have editAGAIN selector in UI Explorer like this:

deleted row and added manually <webctrl tag='SELECT' name='variantId' />

and so:

and this is result:

I must said that i tried many time and one time all has worked fine… apart that tow items had no sizes in xlsx file…

Wildcard the parent selector