Government of Canada - RPA Developer for HR staffing function - Anywhere in Canada - Canada - Contract

Job title: RPA Developer for HR staffing function
Job role: RPA Developer
Country: Canada
City: Anywhere in Canada
Company name: Government of Canada
Employment Type: Contract
Seniority level: Associate 3 to 5 years

Job Description:
We are looking to provide a 90 day work contract to a qualified individual experienced in RPA development using Uipath, ideally in HR staffing functions.

You must be located in and be legally able to work in Canada. You must also meet a reliability level security screening. The salary for the 90 working days is an equivalent to a yearly salary ranging between 100K to 125K based on experience.

For more information please email:
Please make sure to attach an updated CV and explain why you’d be a good fit for the opportunity.

Apply here:


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