Job for Junior RPA Developer


I have just moved to Canada and I would like to know if anyone knows which company in Canada are looking for a certified RPA Developer (UiPath).

Thank you

hello @williamcordella

I know few people in Canada and I can reach out to them for you… Could you send me your CV so that I can send it over to them?


Hi Lahiru,

Do you have any information about a job as RPA Developer?



Might be usefull to know in which area you are located. Canada is a large country.


I am currently living close to Toronto



you could checkout LinkedIN for IT companies. Or get in touch with a consulting company that can look for a job for you. Most jobs require medior/senior level. You can try to contact companies if they offer traineeships.
LinkedIN, (search for: Graduate RPA Consultant
Area: Toronto

Our client is looking for 10 ambitious graduates who have a passion for technology who are eager to pursue careers as Technical Consultants. You will be working on projects with large organizations all across the world

Maybe that’s something for you

Explore your area for IT companies would be my first start. That is what we can’t do for you.