Got the below error when I write dynamic sheetname

Hi below is the error facing when I read and write the dynamic sheet name write the data into the other excel with the same sheet name which I read from the excel.

I think the problem comes from the Cell field since it needs to have something added even if it is an empty string.

I didn’t give any specific cell value since I want to read the whole sheet and write the into the another workbook with same sheet name which I read.

Try adding “” to that field since it may require a value even if it is null and it will read the whole sheet.

Hi @balkishan

You cannot have the cell property blank. If you want it to read the entire sheet please specify “” for that so it reads the entire sheet. It should work for you…

@Lahiru.Fernando @alin.ferenczi Thanks for the response
But same error occur after given the cell value “”



Can i see the properties panel for this activity? Looks like something is missing there…

@Lahiru.Fernando Now it’s working fine got the expected result, but just I want to ask you on thing I am getting the sheet name 1 ,2,3 and so one with the previous sheet name. Marked in yellow colour. How can I remove thing. May be it’s count the sheet name how can I remove this.

Original sheets name where I am reading the data. image

What I got after merged the sheets.

Can I see the code that you use to generate the sheet name? I might be using some variable there. A screenshot l…


@Lahiru.Fernando Resolved bro, Actually while writing the sheet I have put counter which increment the sheet by one every time. Now I got the correct result. Thanks so much for you quick response. Final output sheet with merged data.


No worriea bro… im here to help always!!! :slight_smile:


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