Got Error 'Bad Request, Headers Too Long' When Trying To Open Orchestrator URL, But Able To Open It In The Orchestrator Server With Proxy

The customer upgraded orchestrator to 2021.10, they can open the orchestrator url in the orchestrator machine with proxy, but in other machines, they got error message 'Bad request, the headers too long'.

Getting a Bad request error when trying to access Orchestrator from a VM machine or a laptop outside the Orchestrator server:


Resolution: If the Orchestrator URL can be opened successfully in the Orchestrator machine (server) with proxy, then the configuration is correct. What is actually happening is that the request sent by other machines has not reached the Orchestrator, instead it has been blocked by the proxy​ because cookie size has exceeded the limitation on it.

To solve or avoid this issue, clear the cookies in your browser. For example, for Chrome browsers, follow these instructions to clear the cookies, making sure to select All time as time range. Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers also have detailed instructions on how to delete the cookies. More details about the error can be found in the documentation Bad Request - Request Too Long .

If the above does not help, an alternative solution could be increasing the 'LimitRequestLine directive' on the proxy.

  • The LimitRequestLine directive allows the server administrator to set the limit on the allowed size of a client's HTTP request-line. Since the request-line consists of the HTTP method, URI, and protocol version, the LimitRequestLine directive places a restriction on the length of a request-URI allowed for a request on the server. A server needs this value to be large enough to hold any of its resource names, including any information that might be passed in the query part of a GET request.