Google Workspace :- Cannot create unknown type variable

Hello everyone, I’m posting on behalf of my colleague who is encountering the following issue.

She is using UiPath.GSuite.Activities Version: 2.5.6, and her Studio Version is 20.10.3.

The error she’s facing is:

System exception at initialization: Cannot create unknown type '{}Variable({clr-namespace:UiPath.GSuite.Models;assembly=UiPath.GSuite}GmailMessage[])'. at Source: System.Xaml

The interesting part is that the error doesn’t occur in debug mode but shows when run from Studio, Assistant, or Orchestrator.

Hi @indiedev91

Check the below thread,

Hope it helps!!

Hi @indiedev91

Please check on this


Im not sure what the solution was trying to say in there , could you explain it in simple, just for info , the studio and assistant is in the same machine