Google Sheets

Hi - is there a way to interact with Google Sheets other then thru the API? For example, copy from Excel, open google sheet and paste into it, etc? Thanks!

There’s the Google Spreadsheets package, allowing you to read and write ranges from/to a sheet:

However, said package relies on the API as well.

@mz_psl (8.8 KB)

Attached simple workflow copying from XLS and put it on the Google Worksheet (without using the Google API)

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I’ll give this s try, thanks!

One more semi-related question: is it possible to “loop” thru files in google drive folder without using the API?

Hi @mz_psl

See our GSuite component on Go! :slight_smile:

this looks great, but it doesn’t show up in my package manager…

UiPath Go! is different to the package manager you use through Studio… you will have to go through Go! and download it for it become available

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there are GSuite activities available in UiPath. Here’s a video guide explaining how to use these activities