Google ocr api key

Hello i am trying to configure the Google vision cloud ocr. But its asking for api-key, i have made a account on google cloud and created credentials. Where can i find the api-key, how does it look like

THanks in advance

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hope this could help you buddy

Cheers @langsem

Have done those stept but it still thows an error. it says “The OCR engine returned no results. There might be a problem with its configuration”

This its what i have now

I need to extract some data from a app window, its working with the microsoft ocr, but people says that the google ocr are much better and gives better results. I want to get this google vision up and running, but it seems that i am missing some fields

Oh Microsoft is working…great
Usually google ocr is used when the text to be retrieved is small region of text, and microsoft is used for large text preferrably

So i would suggest to go for Microsoft OCR if the text is bit larger than the usual one
Kindly revert for any queries
Cheers @langsem

Well here its the app window i need to extract ifnormation from

This could be handled reliably by Microsoft OCR itself buddy
Cheers @langsem

It has alot of checkboxes, inputfields, date time etc. And all fields are different from each time. Also you are not able to insert anythng to the fields its simply just for inforamtion that needs to be extracted

No worries let it be, we can still get it
Well were you facing any issue in taking this with Microsoft OCR
Cheers @langsem

Yes some of it. For example the checkboxes, It need it to recognize if the checkbox are checked or not.
So where it says “Reperasjonsmetode” its 2 checkboxes 1: “Skifte” and 2: “Reparasjon”

If 1 its checked, i want the other one to be false. Same way the other way.

Thats goes for all the checkboxes below. So if one its checked then the others are false.
Need it to identify if the boxes are checked or not. Did try get image function but it dident recongize if the box was checked or not

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We can use anchor base Activity with the term that is there next to the check box as anchor using find image Activity
Then in right side use a image exists Activity to check whether tick image is there or not with a boolean variable…
This can be done for all buddy

Cheers @langsem

Like this ?

Its almost working, but it gives me true all the time

But in find image Activity in left side dont include the dot along with the image…include the text part alone…
The reason is if sometimes if the button is not enabled that black dot wont be there in the image so it will fail…so in find image Activity have the text part alone
Cheers @langsem

Did not work i am afraid :confused:

Its just giving me one input all time. in this case false all the time

Fine what was the output of image exists Activity
Can i have a view on the anchor base Activity if possible
Cheers @langsem

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Change the accuracy to 0.3
And waitforready as none
Try once and let know buddy
Cheers @langsem

When its false value, it cant find anything. Like its just exectuting forever