Google Drive's 'Find Files and Folders' activity causing 404 error (Requested entity was not found) in Google Sheet's 'Read Range' activity

Read Range: Requested entity was not found. [404]

The GSuite Application Scope no longer has the Services selectable, although I have both Google Sheets & Google Drive APIs enabled, I’m getting a truly bugged error, which is erroneously pointing to the Sheets activity as throwing an error, when in fact it’s the Drive activity creating the error.

I know this because I’ve had the Sheets activities in my automation for a long time now, and once I introduced the very first Drive activity, REGARDLESS OF ITS POSITION IN THE AUTOMATION, the very first Sheets activity would generate the error caused by the Drive activity, even when the Drive activity was far further down in the automation, many steps AFTER the first Sheets activity; Sheets would always produce the error.

  • My file array is of type ‘Google.Apis.Drive.v3.Data.File’.
  • Again, both Sheets & Drive APIs are Enabled on’s ‘APIs & Services’ section.
  • My GSuiteApplicationScope lacks specific APIs under its Input section yet it seems only the pre-Workspace versions have the input option to specify the desired APIs?
  • I’m giving the proper user permissions to my automation via the OAuthClientID Input via the browser when my automation starts.
  • EVERY use of the ‘Find Files and Folders’ activity with the argument: “name=‘[knownfolder]’” where [knownfolder] is literally copy and pasted from my Drive into UiPath causes this problem.
  • This is likely no help at all and not applicable: I recieve the 400 error, “Find Files and Folders: Invalid Value [400]”, if I add this to my argument in the ‘Find Files and Folders’ activity: useDomainAdminAccess=true (as outlined at Google’s Search for shared drives, which is directly referenced by UiPath’s docs for this activity: I include it just in case I’m wrong.
  • Lastly, I’m still in testing in Google Console, haven’t published my automation and may never need to. Yet the Drive API is considered a Restricted API scope and it doesn’t seem clear at all to me whether this has anything at all to do with my problem. If this were the problem I’d think the error would be similar to ‘insufficient permissions’ instead of ‘entity not found’.

Not only is there something wrong with either my Scope activity and/or Drive activity, but the seemingly Sheets-activity-related problem goes away simply by removing the Drive activities – without changing a thing in either the Scope or Sheets activities.

Basically what I’m looking for is to be able to implement Drive functionality into an automation that’s successfully been using Sheets integrations for months now.

I recreated the automation, starting with just the GSuite Application Scope, added a Read Range of the entire sheet and performed a Drive search with success!

Using this recreation, I remade the entire automation, got to the saving of my new data using a Write Range following another Read Range to poll for any unexpected changes to the Sheets database during the automation, and found this same damn error.

Consistently causes this problem, until I comment out the offending (extra) Read Range (& Read Column I was toying with since I really only care about whether records were removed or added during the automation running). Read Range doesn’t seem to appreciate there being 3 or more Google activities in the automation.