Google blocks the Gsuite access, How to solve

Dear members,

I am trying to download a file from google drive using gsuite activities.
But when i run bot, gsuite access is blocked.

Can anyone help ?

Sahil Garg

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Hi @Sahil_Garg1!

I already faced similar obstacle, what type of authentication are you using on gsuite scope?


I am using,
API key, Client ID and client secret

Can you help. Please if you know solution

You just should use only one @Sahil_Garg1!

Try one of them and run again, if doesn’t work, make them sure you tried all authentications, if stills not work, tell here :))

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I tried with only client id and secret but still same error.

Can you try the other authentications one by one too?

@Sahil_Garg1 - This is my setup and i just ran and got the output…


Can you pleasee tell what kind to application you are selecting while created client id



Am not sure where i am making mistake, but getting app block again

I am also facing same issue…Do you get any solution for it? If yes please explain

Hi shibina,

Actually i was doing mistake in credentials input and permission for drive api . Just check ur credentials and permissions which u had given in Gsuite Scope.

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I was having the same issue. I was trying to access Google Sheets.
The issue was solved after i created new project, in this project i created credentials specifically for Google Sheets, in OAuth consent screen settings, in Scopes section, I added ./auth/spreadsheets and ./auth/spreadsheets.readonly. Also in UIPath in the menu Configure OAuth2 scopes I left only ./auth/spreadsheets. For some reason ./auth/spreadsheets.readonly was not working.
I hope this story helps you. looks like one can make a lot of mistakes and the system won’t tell you what is wrong.


Hello, try checking the oauthscope. It has full permission for every access. Then uncheck the other scopes.


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