Google App Password error with securestring

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I’ve set a Google App Password in my Google security user settings.
Using this App Password in pure string format to send emails with ‘Send SMTP Mail Message’ activity works fine. But when I save my username/app password as an Orchestrator credential Asset and retrieve them in my flow with the ‘Get Credential’ activity, it no longer works. I pass the password as a SecureString to the ‘Send SMTP Mail Message’ activity and keep getting the error:

RemoteException wrapping MailKit.Security.AuthenticationException: 535: 5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted. Learn more at
5.7.8 Can't sign in to your Google Account - Gmail Help s3sm3070079ljo.41 - gsmtp

Does anyone here know if this relates to the UiPath activity, Orchestrator or Google?

havea look on following activity used for type in a secure string:

Send SMTP Mail Message only accepts password as a normal String, not SecureString. Did you test to convert the password to a normal string first?

New System.Net.NetworkCredential(String.Empty, securePW).Password


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