Exchange Activities Secure handling of the password?

Hi all,

Is there a secure way to manage the passwords when it comes to using them on Exchange Activities (like send mail message)? The activities require a string as a password… and here is the problem. The most “secure way” for me would be to store it as a credential and convert it from secure string to string on the activity itself… but this would get flagged by the Workflow Analyser. Of course, I can just ignore the analyser (or change its rules), but i was wondering if anybody knows a better way to do it or if UiPath will change the activities so that they accept a secure string instead of a string as a password.


There are several proposed solutions for this here:

My solution was to store the credentials in Orchestrator for security. That way I could read the password from the asset, convert it to a string, and pass it to the activity all without revealing the password during the process.

Hi Anthony,

That’s what I’m currently doing. But this will get flag as an error by the Workflow Analyser as a missuse of a Secure String.

True, but this is a warning. This is why it’s contentious that the mail activity takes a string rather than a secure string. You’ll end up getting warnings when you convert a secure string, but the project will still work, and there isn’t any reason the string you’ve created from the secure string will be visible as long as you convert it and immediately put it into the activity.

Closed due to being a duplicate. Short comment though - the confusion around the Secure String is present in our team’s internal discussions, so I would expect it to be solved at one point :slight_smile: