Gmail Automation Problem

Maybe is just easier when you all know what my roboter have to do. Log on gmail, then search all emails with subject ‘’‘XXX’’ download the attached document into a folder. After that, i don´t know if that works, the bot open the attachement (PDF´s) read them and copy specific positions ( like ArtNo or Name) and paste them in a Excel Sheet
Is that possible? This is my bachelor thesis, that RPA can speed up processes in a sales process.

I know that I´m spamming this page, but I realy need help. I watched several videos and everytime a litlle bug cost me so much time because I dont find it :smiley:

yeah, its possible.

Please refer the below post from @Palaniyappan

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I´m deepl impressed of all your help but now I´m totally confused. I want to upload my workflow but there stands that I´m new.
Can maybe some use the uploaded workflow from @SrenivasanKanna and edit it? I´m desperate :smiley:
I need a workflow which log on gmail search by special subject mails download only the attachements from the mail into a folder on desktop then read specific parts from the document and cop them into an excel sheet. I hope someone have the time and helps me :slight_smile:


Can you share your workflow to make changes in it :slight_smile:

Srenivasan Kanna

I´sorry but I´m new and it´s not allowed :frowning:

Yesterday you just loaded up a workflow. Can you maybe edit that?

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wait for some time , we are trying to help you out.

Happy Learning !!


I´m touched and so happy that you try to help my thank you sooo much

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Maybe I tell you what my vision is. I have a company. My clerk order some materials. After a few days we get an ordner confirmation per email (attachment PDF). Now the robot scnan the inbox find the emails with specific subject for example ordner, order confirmation, corfirmation. The bot download the confirmation into a folder, open the PDF search the specific parts like ArtNo, Quantity, Price, copy them and paste them into a material management system ( in this case in a Excel sheet) and after doing that send an email to the production that the materials are on the way

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Is all the PDF are standard format ?

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Yes, nothing complicated. Standard PDF. I want to create in MS Word a formular with company name position artno pieces and than convert into an PDF file.
I hope this ist what you want to know my friend

(Sorry but I only can upload snips because I´m a new member)

From this PDF the robot copy specific parts that are important for the material management system ( the excel sheet) and paste them there. After all the bot sends an email to th production and controlling that the confirmation arrived


And this is my material mng system

Beispiel GmbH is the company that ordner and automize the process →

zB GmbH is the ‘‘delivery company’’ →

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The last email goes to the production to inform them that a confirmation just arrived

That ist my vision and I hope so much u can build me a robot that works :):slight_smile:

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  1. Provide your Gmail id and password using below activity:

  2. Using For Each get each email based on your subject

  1. Store email attachment folder in a variable - in_strFileDirectory

  2. using if activity provide your subject line to read your email’s
    5.use save attachments activity to store your attachments

  1. if you want to get attachment count to add one more assign activity and store it -


7.after downloading all the attachment, using each file loop, read your pdf files one by one and get the text as you want.

8 The start process activity is to open your PDF file after that use gets text or anchor base to read your PDF specific element.

Please refer to the below tutorial to read specific elements from PDF files then store your result into var and write it in your excel spreadsheet.

PDF Get Specific Element

UiPath-Open Pdf files from folder|Pdf Automation|UiPath RPA Tutorial

I have added here my project file here. (15.2 KB)

happy automation, think logically to build the solution you can.

Srenivasan Kannan

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U are a brother from another mother!!! Thank u so much
I wanna try to edit your file and hope that the bot works
Give u feedback asap

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Hey @SrenivasanKanna
hope you are okay

I´m editting your file and there ist one thing i don´t unterstand :smiley: grafik

‘’ We can not expect that the sender fix the subject line (upper/lower case) same as we fixed in If Condition. So that we have to make it as dynamic as per the below.


Its read the email subject then its converting it to uppercase and matching the subject with your Condition.‘’

But my bot finds only the subject which are 100% identical

Now it´s working this part of automation is sucessful
I hope that the rest works, too.

U get information asap