Global Handler and Try Catch

I use Global Handler for errors in my process. Some errors are not important so I put try catch. But Global Handler catch it too and stop process, I don’t want this.

Put Exceptions tab in try catch handler. then glober handler not catch anything
if you just put try catch it will get to handler.

May it will solve.

Thats not my experience unless the activity faulting is the root activity in the Try Catch.

The Global Exception Handler is named incorrectly as it is not a global exception handler. It is a first chance exception handler as it fires as soon as exceptions are thrown. A global exception handler only triggers if the exception is unhandled and reaches the top of the stack.

UiPath really should rename it and implement an actual global exception handler.


As GlobalHandler catches exception before TryCatch in most case, perhaps you should use TryCatch without Global Handler, if you want to handle exceptions carefully, I think.

Exception handling of ReFramework etc may also help you.



One thing you can try is…

Create an asset …lets call it handle…

Now in your process set value true to asset when you are inside try catch and when outside try catch set the value to false…

Use a get asset in your global handler and check the value and proceed accordingly …like you can continue…when value is true that is when inside try catch

Hope this helps