Global Exception Handler Question in Studio X

Hey guys,

Super quick question, I read in another post on the forum that there was an option to configure GEH to send an e-mail instead of opening the pop-up window requiring manual intervention.

Is this still possible or does each exception need to be handled manually?

For reference, I am using a loop to “scrape” data from publicly available information and record it to excel. It works brilliantly, with the only “issue” being that it throws an error anytime that no records are found for a specific entry in the database. This is to be expected - the database is not exactly accurate, however, it is very large, thus, I would like to avoid having to click skip on each entry that has no available information.

I also tried adding a try-catch loop for my click activity (which is the point of failure if no records are found), however, this is causing another issue where the loop does not continue after that specific click activity. I setup the try-catch as System.Exception in the catch section and a Continue function in finally. Perhaps I messed this part up?

Happy to hear any advice on the matter!


Please use the try catch inside the loop …that may when there is an error it would continue with next iteration.

As of now I believe you set a try catch around the for loop…that would end the loop


Hey, thanks for the reply.

I believe it is inside the loop, otherwise it wouldn’t work correctly.

To clarify, my try-catch is listed as 1.5, with 1.5.1 being the click activity (which is the try in the try-catch), it then proceeds with 1.6.

After doing some further reading, I believe the reason I am having this issue is that the “Continue” activity cancels any future steps and starts the loop again, which means that my try-catch is executing the “Continue” regardless of whether it catches and error or not.

Do you know of any way around that?


Can you please show the flow that way we can suggest better…continue if palced inside catch then it continues to next iteration when an error is thrown


Sure,this is a screenshot of this section of the loop.

Thank you for your help!


Please use continue in catch block…finally block will be executed even if there is an exception or no

I hope you want to move to next iteration when you get an error and continue normally whrn no error


Thank you!

That solved it :slight_smile:

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