Not able to Catch the exception and skip the steps inside loop

Not able to Catch the exception and skip the steps inside loop.
I am trying below process.
Inside the FOR EACH activity we will be having a container named BODY

now keep that BODY part alone inside the TRY block of Try Catch activity
So that if a particular item inside the Body container of For Each loop fails in try block it will go to CATCH block and there choose the exception type as System.Exception and inside that block use a Send outlook mail activity which will send the mail

And it will go for the next item of the For each row variable

The structure be like this

—Body of For each loop
—Mail activity

But still system fail and not catching an exception and sending an email. I want to catch an exception for that record and then start executing the next one. See screen shot.

You’re in debug mode so it stops on faults. Click the Continue button at the top.

Actually i run this bot and it stops here now what i want is whenever bot finds any fault in for each it throws an email to user and will continue for next record but i my code @postwick you ask me click continue manually but i want this will not require any human intervention i mean whenever fault come it throws an email and automatically continue with next record.


The following might help you.


There is only human intervention when you’re running in debug mode in Studio.

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