GitLab integration - error message "Check out directory not empty"


I’m trying to clone a GitLab project, but I have an error message (“Check out directory not empty”.) when I want to select in the folder “Check out directory”.

I found this topic on the subject, but I didn’t see a solution
Github Integration - Check out directory not empty - Help / Orchestrator - UiPath Community Forum

Could someone help me?
Thank you!



just create a sub folder on which you will checkout / clone the project

I am not I understand correctly. Where should I create this subfolder? I’ve already had one in UiPath folder, and it seems it is not ok, I receive the same error message, even if it’s empty, I’ve deleted all files.

Thank you!



Lets assume the following:

  • we want checkout PROC_004 to a folder: c:_RPA\DEV

and the c:_RPA\DEV has subfolders: PROC_001, PROC_002

when cloning / checking out and assigning c:_RPA\DEV it will tel us, that the folder is not empty (yes, because we do have PROC_001, PROC_002)

But when we assign cloning / checking out to: c:_RPA\DEV\AN_EMPTY_FOLDER

then it should work.

Otherwise share with us the datails of the clone dialog and the target folder contents / folder listings

Well, I created an empty folder on C:, directly, I didn’t receive anymore this error message, but now I have another one: “No UiPath Studio project was found in C:\test”…
I checked the folder and it was created another folder (“proces de test”) and I see, I have the project files and folders, despite the message and the conflict.

So, using a path directly on C: , it works.
But if I have a path like this:
C:\Users\the name of the user\Documents\UiPath\test, it doesn’t work. I’ve tested many times.
Thank you for your help!



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