Github repo

Hi all,
i’ve a question… I’ve a process splitted in 2 different parts, scheduled in different days, but which are always part of the same process.
Is possible to create a sub-folder inside a github repo,and send the first process in the first folder and the second in the second folder?
if so, how can this be done via uipath?

Thanks in advance

up please

If I understood correctly you are using two sub processes for one main process.
I also doing something like that. In one process I collecting data and in the second using queue I proceed the data.
Coming back to your question. Usually I create two repositories for something like this but you can put two folders into one. It depends on what tool you are use. In Visual Studio it’s working well.
If you are using UiPath I think it’s also possible.
I tested and it’s works fine:

Ok. So how to do it in UiPath Studio ? I used option ‘clone repository’ and a little bit I cheated UiPath Studio :slight_smile:
On the beginning I use option ‘clone git repository’ in Studio:

I getting warning from Studio:
after press ok I have to select the project.json file. So I copy this file from random different project :slight_smile:

And it’s done.
Now you can copy folders with existing project or create the new one.
Commit and push works fine.

Let me know if that’s what you mean :slight_smile: