Git Source Control in 2019.9.2 with Windows 2012 R2

Similar to the post ( GIT source control no longer available in 2019.8 ) about Studio version 2019.8, with 2019.9.2 running on Windows 2012 R2, Git source control options are no longer being displayed. I’ve verified that MS Visual C++ 2015 is installed, along with .Net Framework version 4.7.2. I also upgraded to .Net Framework 4.8, which didn’t resolve the issue.

I was on the beta branch and switched to stable, but that hasn’t changed the behavior either.

Hopefully I haven’t missed something in the prerequisites, but is there anything else known about Studio 2019.9.x on Windows 2012 R2 to have Git source control options displayed again on the Team page or Project panel?

Hi @mlenze

Thank you for reporting. Are you sure you have the latest Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 installed?

The issue was previously linked to Windows 7 and the lack of this package installed, so please make sure it is there.


Thanks @loginerror

I was able to get this working, and was related to the Visual C++ 2015 redistributable. I did have the latest version installed, but I’d been installing the 64-bit version thinking about the OS. After remembering that Studio is 32-bit, I installed the 32-bit version of the update as well, and this resolved the issue. Thanks for your help!


No problem, thank you for confirming it works with the 32 bit version of the update :slight_smile:

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