Getting the value next to an element


Hello friends,
I need to extract the value next to a box in an Html page.

For example I need to extract the value next to the box Data Effetto.
I tried with Anchor Base but it didn’t work.
Can you kindly help me?
Thank you so much for your help and attention.


@CamiCat Extract text using “get text or full text activity” and split string


Thank you so much @Manjuts90 .
Is there a way to get the element next to the one called “Data Effetto”?
So is there a way to indicate the name in the Anchor Element that I want to use?
Thank you so much,


@camicat After extracting text if ur output contains like “Data Effetto 22/05/2017” split text with reference as “Data Effetto”. If your o/p doesn’t comes like this then display the extracted text uising “message box activity” and send screenshot of it.


thank you @Manjuts90.
Is it possible to use the Find Relative Element Activity and insert the name of box I’m searching? (for example the box next to “Data Effetto”)?
Thank you so much,
Camilla. :slight_smile:


@CamiCat I dont know much about that activity bro


Yes,You can use the anchor base with find element and get text activity.Use “Data Effetto” as the anchor to get the text next to it. :slight_smile:
Refer to the screenshot plz!



Thank you so much @puja_padhy.
I’ll try and let you know.


Welcome :slight_smile:


@puja_padhy seque.xaml (6.4 KB)

I have used anchor base to find contact based on company as in pic, but i am not getting result as expected. I have attached xaml file

You use the below for example:


Hi @Manjuts90
Try this:
Grab Relative.xaml (12.0 KB)

Here,I have used find image activity.
Let me know if you need any more clarification.



@puja_padhy Hi sorry to disturb you again but i want solution using anchor base. Is it possible to get solution using anchor base.


Anchor base should be used only when there is no other possible solution using a reliable selector.


Thank you so much @puja_padhy.
How does the Set Clipping Region work?
I can’t set the right coordinates in order to find the value.
Thank you so much.


@puja_padhy i want to select numbers mentioned in below format what kind of pattern i can use for it.

Ex; 123.23


Please refer to the below links to know details about set clipping region:



I didn’t get your question.can you please elaborate it clearly?



Hi hiw 123.23
hi how a2re 19.3
This is hu1man 4.5
Manking dhj shdj 1,234.026
Kion kin2g his dude 43,937.88
how 123,233,233.8979

Like mentioned in above i want to extract 123.23 19.3 4.5 1,234.026 43,937.88 123,233,233.8979 from above string. how can i extract this.


Hi @CamiCat,

Please provide me URL, if it is in tabular format you can use data scraping to get the value from web site.