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I want to extract only “title” value from message box. how to do this?
message1: div class =“status_green” title=“running” uipath_custom_id=“3”>
message2: div class =“Pie_Pie_4” title=“39% memory is used” uipath_custom_id=“4”>


You can use the GetAttribute Activity to get the Title property alone.

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Thanks @rajeev85 for reply.
I am using the “get attribute” property. My attribute is “outerhtml” and want to extract the value of “title” which is inside the “outerhtml” .

@Atul_Rai you can use get attribute activity and you can use “title” in the attribute

“title” is inside the “outerhtml”.

Hi @Atul_Rai,

After getting that message, convert that to string and extract text between two known words.
With reference to the below post,

Please refer the below workflow.
Extract Text Between Labels (1).xaml (7.3 KB)

thanks @SaranyaKishore
your method is working fine.How to do it with for each activity if i have 100 such lines

Save the messages in a collection or array variable.
Then For each activity can be used to extract text for all messages.

I am new to UiPath. Can you attach a simple work flow so that I can understand it easily.

I have created simple workflow with 3 input strings. It will also work for any number of inputs.
Extract Text Between Labels (1).xaml (11.0 KB)

thanks a lot @SaranyaKishore for your help.
I am using a web site for my jobs which are in the table. The color of a row changes if the job stops working. I want to capture the this change color.
I have inspected the html page of the web site but not able to find it. Can you help me with this?