Getting Human Validated Result from action center using task id

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Am creating an action in UiPath action center using "Create Document Validation Action activity. can i get completed task details only using task id.

i want to get human validated result and use this result for training my invoice model. (UiPath.documentprocessing.contracts.results.extractionresult)

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Hi @unknownay
The output of the Create Form Task activity is fed into the Wait for Form Task and Resume activities. It is simple to extract the output of waiting for a task to be completed.

My solution:

You can make a collection for the Create Form Task activity output. Convert the collection into a serialised string and store it in a queue if you want to separate the process between dispatcher and performer.

You can get the queue value and deserialize it in performer. We can examine task completion after deserializing the value user parallel for each activity. In Wait for Form Task and Resume Activity Output, you can extract the value from the Action center tasks.

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Wait for Form Task and Resume Activity accepts action object(Type : DocumentValidationActionData ) as input. How to convert a serialized string to this specific format ?

is it possible to typecasting between these two datatypes. if possible how can we achieve this.


Hi @unknownay
To convert create task collection output into string use the below function

Str = jsonConvert.SerializeObject(NewList), Note: Store this string value in queue for further performer bot if you want or else you use it in same flow.
NewList = Collection of Create Form task output

To convert deserialize into wait for form task input use the below function
Use deserialize action to convet into list

you can use output of deserialize action in foreach activity to getting taskID or task data one by one. Refer below image.

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Dear @Kaviyarasu_N

Thank you !

My requirement was something like:

I need to create a document validation action and instead of going for wait activity i had to completed the entire process and later come back to wait activity.

Challenge i encountered was serializing and de-serializing action object out from “created document validation” activity.

Action object was converted to string using:


While passing action object as an input to “wait and resume” activity i converted string to action object using:

Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of DocumentValidationActionData)(actionTxt)


Hi @unknownay

Examine the screenshot from my previous post carefully. while converting the collection into string format. It’s referred to as serailzation. I think there are no issues, I guess.

After converting into a string, you need to deserialize back to the collection object and make sure the datatype is the same. You enter For each with the appropriate data type, and then task input is received one by one.


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