Getting Error While using Flow decision activity


  1. I am trying to fetch result from excel sheet using excel lookup range.
    2.If i get the desired value , then the flow is working fine .
  2. But when it doesn’t found the result , it should print error , and not throw the error (stopping the whole flow.

Can you please help , Thanks in advance.
Attaching the screen shot for the same.

can you show the catch block used with the try block shown above?


Seems to be configured fine I guess.
Your flowchart is being called in the try block right?

The problem is in Excel LookUp and then assign , I think , Because when it doesn’t find the element , then only its throwing error , because its empty.

if Excel LookUp and then assign are being called within the try block then any exceptions in those steps should be caught by the catch block.

Possible to share xaml? with these few steps that you shared in the screenshot?

I have found the issue , used if activity for Result , if result is Nothing , then it will come out loop.else it will run .

Thanks for your time :slight_smile: