Getting Error while Moving file from one location to another

I am trying to move multiple file from one directory to another once it is uploaded to the server. but i am getting attached error while moving.
please help.



Please try to close the file that you want to move before moving it.

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plz ensure that you are not open those working files in other process , if it is open means then close it…b’coz it leads to the exception during runtime of the process…

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Do we have any activity to close the open file.

no,you just see the pc’s task bar ,if any of the file is open means then close it…

but there is no such file in task bar even though i am getting the same error.

check that you are used that file in any other process and that are being open now in the studio???

Hai @ANAND_GUPTA… For example u need to move Excel file from any other location, if u use or open any other Excel related files currently ,It shows this kind of exception…

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