Unable to move files from one folder to other folder

Hi All,

I am unable to move the files form one folder to another folder. During the debug check there is message " 16 files needs to be moved ". There is exception message as could not found the file.

Exception type as :System.I.O.FileNotFoundexception.

If there are no files there should not be message stating that there are 16 files . Is there any can i resolve it .

Is there any tips to handle and understand in resolving the Debugs & Exception . If so please share the link

Hello @raghu_raj ,

Can you post a screenshot with your flow?


Hi @raghu_raj

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When moving files you need to give complete path i.e. path should include file name and file extension.

It is best practices to check if file path exists before using Copy/Move files this way you can avoid exceptions when there are no files in the folder.
Pseudo code

1. check file path exits
2. if path exits move file
3. else return no file to move comment 

hope this is helpful

@raghu_raj ,

As I can see, you put the move file outside the For each activity.
Use the steps provided by @AdityaVN in the For each activity.


Hi @raghu_raj

Please refer to the xaml below.

Main.xaml (14.8 KB)