Getting error "Set text:Cannot set the element to 'value'. Did you interact with the correct element?" in UI path

I have tried automating an app developed using flutter and the tool is not able to find the object. Getting the below error. Can somebody please help?

I am doing mobile automation. The action type into is in UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities. When i try to install this package i get the below error:

TypeInto doesn’t work for MobileAutomation. This is the reason SetText activity exists.


  • Can you try executing the Tap activity on the same element? If it works, try executing a Tap before a SetText. Sometimes the element isn’t in focus and SetText fails… Tap helps with getting the focus on the element.
  • Can you execute SetText on the same element from MDM?
  1. Adding Tap activity also gave the same error.
  2. Tried in MDM and got the same error

MobileAutomation Activities doesn’t support Flutter ATM. This is because of the way Flutter renders its components. It is possible to interact with them (but even this is limited) but their state can’t be changed in any way.

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Thanks for the reply