Getting Error in UipathDocument OCR

Hi Team,
I was working on my process it was working fine until now but I just changed the OCR and used UipathDocument OCR back getting below error .
Any suggestions to resolve this issue

Digitize Document: One or more errors occurred. (Request CorrelationId: d9c4eef9-c14f-4950-b126-f0a7b19df5a7
Request PredictionId: NDmo7x1tL2aCnKLl508TzsAnMpsMjyBaPWiBLyzw7h0=_7a7aa32d-1231-48d2-978f-e03b7b73196e
Error performing OCR: Invalid API key specified UiPathOCRInvalidApiKey)


Did you set API key in UiPath DocumentOCR activity? Usually, we can get it from License - Admin - AutoamtionCloud.


Thank you @Yoichi for the response

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