Getting error - Cannot assign from Type "System.Object" to type "System.String" in assign activity

Can some one please help to resolve this error.

Here im trying to convert the date into specific format.

Everything looks good but not sure about the issue you are getting. Can you just try to restart the studio?

@HareeshMR - I tried but still getting same error.

Have you tried toShortDateString instead of tostring once? or

Have you tried to change the variable type to someother and back to string once :slight_smile:, Just give a try

@HareeshMR - It worked but looks magic :slight_smile:
Any idea why it happens ?

You mean toshortdatestring worked?

Yes it worked.

Even tostring is working for me, not sure why it errors for you @vaibhav2.chavan.
Anyway, glad you got the solution

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