Getting error "cannot assign from type "System.DateTime" to type "Uipath.Excel.ExcelValue" in assign activity save for later"

Hello guys.
I am a bit new to this RPA world so sorry if anything in my post seems amateur. So i am conducting a RPA in my company and i am doing it completely by myself. It is pretty much ready but now i would like to build a simple report to have visibility over what the RPA is doing.

I have a Excel file that i use for info gathering in the RPA and i am going to use the same document and send it to the people in charge of the process everyday and the only additional columns i want in the report are: CURRENT DATE at the time the RPA starts running (dd/MM/yyyy), TIME (hh:mm:ss) it started and time it took to be completed (number of minutes/seconds).

I am experiencing a few problems to get the current date and time because this error and similar ones appear when i try to Assign a variable in the Save for Later activity:
The error is: “cannot assign from type “System.DateTime” to type “Uipath.Excel.ExcelValue” in assign activity save for later”

And in the save for later i have:
DateSelection (as the variable name i chose) = System.DateTime.Now (i have also already put the format as dd/MM/yyyy and without the format.) And i am all out of ideas.

Sorry if this question is very confusing but i can clarify whatever you need.
Thank you very much,
Joao Saul Santos


Try as below


Hope this may help you


Hello Srini84,
I have also tried that.
I have tried pretty much everything i saw online and still dont know what the problem is.
I have tried with and without the system, with and without the ToString and the error remains…
Any other ideas?

Hi Joao, have you found solution? I’m having the same problem.