Getting error "cannot assign from type "System.DateTime" to type "Uipath.Excel.ExcelValue" in assign activity save for later"

Hello guys.
I am a bit new to this RPA world so sorry if anything in my post seems amateur. So i am conducting a RPA in my company and i am doing it completely by myself. It is pretty much ready but now i would like to build a simple report to have visibility over what the RPA is doing.

I have a Excel file that i use for info gathering in the RPA and i am going to use the same document and send it to the people in charge of the process everyday and the only additional columns i want in the report are: CURRENT DATE at the time the RPA starts running (dd/MM/yyyy), TIME (hh:mm:ss) it started and time it took to be completed (number of minutes/seconds).

I am experiencing a few problems to get the current date and time because this error and similar ones appear when i try to Assign a variable in the Save for Later activity:
The error is: “cannot assign from type “System.DateTime” to type “Uipath.Excel.ExcelValue” in assign activity save for later”

And in the save for later i have:
DateSelection (as the variable name i chose) = System.DateTime.Now (i have also already put the format as dd/MM/yyyy and without the format.) And i am all out of ideas.

Sorry if this question is very confusing but i can clarify whatever you need.
Thank you very much,
Joao Saul Santos


Try as below


Hope this may help you


Hello Srini84,
I have also tried that.
I have tried pretty much everything i saw online and still dont know what the problem is.
I have tried with and without the system, with and without the ToString and the error remains…
Any other ideas?

Hi Joao, have you found solution? I’m having the same problem.

Same problem for me.
Any idea ?

Hello Cedric, try creating a new topic with your variables and details.