Getting Entity ID or Object when using Create/Update Entity Record

Is there any way to get the ID of the entity I just created? I would like to create an entity and then maybe in the “When created/updated” be able to reference an ID of the entity so that I can then add that ID as a relationship value when creating another entity.

My current workaround is I am having to create custom primary fields that won’t create an entity if the value already exists, but allows for a 1 to 1 match so I can perform a lookup after creating an entity.

Hello @Anderson_Logan_CEI-Atlant This functionality is not available right now into ui path apps. I would recommend try doing Lookup get value based on some unique value into entity if you have.

Please mark solution if this works.

Hi Logan,

Agreed with Arvind that you can’t seem to do this -directly- from Apps yet (unless @evan.cohen knows something we don’t :slight_smile: ).

However, there is a workaround. You (could) create the entity record inside of a UiPath process and then return back the ID to the App. This would allow you to establish the relationship either in the App, the process, or with a mix of both.

The “Create Entity Record” activity in UiPath Studio stores the Output record from which you could retrieve the ID, but you have to create the record in the process to take advantage of this.

Create Entity Record (

So essentially from your App:

  1. Go to UiPath Studio and build a process that accepts Input arguments for your App’s input fields.
  2. Add the activity pack for working with Entities (See: Using entities in projects)
  3. Associate the Entities you want to work with, and create the Entity record in your process.
  4. Set up an Out argument that returns the string ID from the Output record property (you may have to convert this to string).
  5. Test your process in UiPath Studio to make sure it’s working and creating the entity record correctly and returning the ID.
  6. Once it’s working, add the process to your App.
  7. Add a rule on button click to start the process, pass the input values from your app as arguments to the process. When completed, the ID of your created item should be in the Out argument for use within your app. You can bind a control on your app to the out property of this process to always have the latest created items ID.
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@Arvind_Kumar1 still not possible to send the entity ID? I tried by myself and didnt work so I suppose we are not able to do it yet.

Im doing the same work around and using one unique value. Luckily I found this post because It was very strange for me :smiley:

@Camila_Caldas ,

Yes you are right this is not available yet.


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