How to get Entity record ID in Uipath apps

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What is the expression to get the Entity record Id in the Update/DeleteEntityRecord in the UiPath Apps, Kindly find the below screenshot and help me solve this problem.


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Hi @karthickrkumaran

Follow this steps:

-First, create a new UiPath App if you haven’t already. Define the Entity for which you want to retrieve the record ID. The Entity should contain the records you want to work with.

-Design your UiPath App with the necessary screens, actions, and workflows. Ensure that you have a way to trigger the action that requires the Entity record ID.

-In your UiPath App, you’ll need to create an action that will use the Get Entity Details activity to retrieve the record ID. Here’s how you can set up this action:

  • In the “Actions” section of your UiPath App, click “Add Action” to create a new action.
  • Give your action a name that describes its purpose, such as “Get Record ID.”
  • In the action configuration, add the “Get Entity Details” activity.

Configure the “Get Entity Details” activity as follows:
-Entity: Select the Entity for which you want to retrieve a record. This should be the same Entity you defined in your UiPath App.

-Record ID: This is where you will store the retrieved record ID. Create a variable ( to store the result.

-Input: Define the criteria to retrieve the specific record. For example, you might use filters to specify which record you want to retrieve.

-Set up a trigger for the action you created. This could be done via a button, form submission, or any other event that makes sense within your UiPath App.

-Once you trigger the action, the Get Entity Details activity will retrieve the Entity record’s details, including the unique record ID, which will be stored in the recordId variable.


Hi @Dilli_Reddy ,
Can you please explain the variable type of recordId and it’s expression?


Variable type of recordId “String” or Int depending on how you configure your data model.
In UiPath apps you can define the datatypes for the fields,including the entity Id field.

@karthickrkumaran ,

Please do create a variable type Entity and store the value of your entity into app variable and then into this rule please implement below for Id.


check below video.


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