Getting date format changed in immediate pannel


if you will see the above ss ,i am reading one excel with read range with above mentioned date.
but after reading this excel sheet and i if i print the value in log or immediate pannel, i am getting date format changed, for ref attaching ss below:



Generally When you read from excel the format might change

Please use Preserve formatting option if using classic

else use display values option instead of raw values in use excel scope to get the date is exact same format


still getting reverse




It’s because your date date exists as Date type in the worksheet and UiPath read it as DateTime type then show it as invariant culture. Do you have any problem? if you write it to your sheet it will be shown as your locale like dd-MM-yyyy style. Or we can get dd-MM-yyyy style date string using DateTime.Parse(row(“column”).ToString).ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”).


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if it is like this then please look this output

and here is excel data

first one issue date is correct and bill date is correct others all in reverse why ?even its a same input excel.

only difference i can see is 13-03-2023 is little bit upside in cell.

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