Getting a numeric string and i want to change it to double

Hi everyone
I’m getting a numeric string with a value that looks like this: 1,987.00
And I want to change it to number (don’t need the comma only the dot, in case of a decimal value).
because later I’m doing some math on this value…



where str is the variable name where your string is stored.

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it didn’t work.
it gave me this error

where the GreenPremium is the double variable that I want in the end
and the PremiumTemp is the string that I wanna change

You are using assign activity? write line?
If assign - remove .toString
Use only Double.Parse(str)

If writeline - you should use along with write line.

removing .toString should work fine.

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I would recommend using If Double.TryParse(PremiuTemp,GreenPremium) = true

it worked
but if at the end I have “.00” it will disappear (if I will have “.09” it will show it)

thank you very much
@Lakshay_Vermawhy should I use IF?
when can it happen that I wont be able to convert from string to double??

and again thank you very much


What if the string variable does not contain a double value.
If your variable string contains alphabets.

PremiuTemp=“abc” in this case your code with throw error.

That is correct
but Where I’m taking the details from suppose to be correct and without a problem

thank you for the food for thought…


Just that, I have encountered these problems a lot, so made this more of a habit to try and assign.
But as stated, It’s good if confirmed that details are correct.

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