How to get the string without the ","

Dear all,

Good day.

i have a text which is 1,000.00, but i want to get the results of 1000.

How can i do that? kindly advise.

Thank you.


Can you try the following?

Let’s say yourString="1,000.00"



Hi there,

Try the following expression to remove the comma:

Use Assign activity → yourStringName.Replace(",","")

Now, to remove the dot (.), try the this expression:

Use Assign activity → yourStringName.Replace(".","")

When assigning both to the same String that you want it to be removed/replaced, you will get the expected output. Don’t forget to assign it before outputting the result, otherwise it won’t work,


Dear all,

Thanks for your reply.

I am able to get the string without “,”.

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