Get windows password and username


I want to get my windows credential, save it, and use it for an application.

I have used the “Add credential” activity and for the username I used “Environment.Username”. This works and I get my windows user… but how do I get my windows password?
Please note, that I have to use this process on different accounts so the username and the password is always another one.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Loons,
I don’t think it’s possible like that. Password are kept in encrypted containers, variables etc. So probably you will be not able to just catch it like that without manually typing it somewhere. I think it’s better to use activities to ask user for password and keep it during process as Secure.String type or use orchestrator asset for it where you can keep safely Username and Password and take this into process with use of Get Credential activity.

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Hi @Loons ,

I’ll suggest you to use Get Secure Credential activity from Uipath.Credential.Activities
and set Target parameter —> “Credential_Name” (its Generic credential name in your Windows credential manager)
create 2 variables with ctrl+k in Password and Username parameters,
Note that, password will be store in Type System.SecureString variable.

List my methods here.
If you don’t know the password of another account, you can reset it to a new password (a password you know),don’t worry,this will not bring any bad things to your account.

Take my Windows 10 as an example, I have changed the Windows password on my computer.

A new password is set to replace the old password, and the computer also accepts the new password, allowing me to log in and access.
More can refer to this tool.