Get URL of browser popup window

I know u can use GetAttribute activity to retrieve the url of a browser, but how do i get the url of a browser window that pops out when you click a link?

@tzj i am facing a similar problem, have you figured out any solution for it?

i have not. but i believe you can use wait element exist, then use the get attribute to get the url.

Hi @tzj, any sample?

no. i have since removed it as its nolonger required in my automation.

you need to capture the window before it disappears.

click on your link, then when the popup appears, click on it and quickly press esc.

This will stop the browser. Open UiExplorer, and get the selector of that popup.

Use an On Element Appear activity, put in the selector of that popup.
in the On element Appear activity, place a Get Attribute activity, “url” to get the url of the popup.