Get Transaction Data taking a long time when no further transactions are present


I am a little confused. Within the Get Transaction Data sequence it appears to take around 30 seconds at the end of my process to determine that no further transactions are present. When a transaction is present it instantly processes it. Any ideas what could be causing this please? Logs are as follows:

When transactions are present (Instant):
10:54:21.9995 Info {“message”:"Attempting to retrieve data - Inside Get Transaction data
10:54:22.1557 Info {“message”:"Inside Get Transaction data

When no further transactions are left(around 30 seconds):
10:56:34.6866 Info {“message”:"Attempting to retrieve data - Inside Get Transaction data
10:57:07.5999 Info {“message”:"Inside Get Transaction data

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


My guess is that one of your activities has a time out of 30 seconds, which is the standard in UiPath. For example, the activity that searches the page and declares if there is data to process probably has a timeout function of 30 seconds. Try finding this in your workflow and changing this time out variable in the properties panel to a lower value and it should declare that no information is found sooner.

Thanks! I’ll do some investigating.